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Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that are purported to provide extra health benefits, in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods.

Protein : The Building Block of Life
Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. They are one of the building blocks of body tissue, and can also serve as a fuel source. Protein is also important for growth and development in children, teens, and pregnant women.

Pronita : Dietary supplement
Pronita is dietary Supplement of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It provides complete nutrition and source of energy. It plays a vital role in overall development and maintenance of your body.

Product Benefits:

Complete and Balanced nutrition.

Proteins of high biological value.

Delicious chocolate flavored.



Composition Each 100gm of Pronita Contains:

Overages added for loss on storage :
Pronita is Ideal For: School going children, Expectant & nursing mothers, Older patients. Active persons like sports people, sick and convalescing patients.

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